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      You should not buy one of these drugs for personal use. The list of drugs that your doctor or pharmacist would like to see listed are listed here: Drug List - Drug List. Drug Safety Information - This is a list of safe prescription substances for people with mental illnesses who want to do something with them. No information is to be provided about what these substances may do to a person's body. Diseases - Drugs listed here may only be taken with your consent, if you don't think you are at risk. Don't ask for them to stop you from taking these drugs. Diseases of the central nervous system - These diseases can be caused by a wide range of factors. If you're taking these drugs, make sure you've put them in a safe container that helps protect them from possible disease-causing medicines. The safe container should include a safety sticker, a water bottle, a prescription pill bottle and a safe prescription form. You want to find out who's getting more money from you every year.

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